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Our guide on Teletubbie cake toppers to print! In this article, we’ll show you how you can add a touch of nostalgia and fun to your cakes and cupcakes with our lovely printable designs of the beloved Teletubbies. In this set of 5 designs, you can find a Cake Topper with all four members together and then four individual designs for each of the main characters. Whether celebrating a children’s birthday, a theme party or simply for a special occasion, these Teletubbies Cake Toppers are the perfect option to stand out at your celebration. Join us as we explore how to create your own toppers and make your event even more memorable.

10 Teletubbie cake topper designs:

Teletubbies Cake Toppers are an exciting way to bring the magic and joy of these adorable characters to your celebration. With their designs inspired by Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po, these adorable ornaments add a touch of fun and color to your favorite treats. Whether you are organizing a children’s party for the little ones or simply want to create a celebration full of laughter and entertainment, Teletubbies Cake Toppers are an exciting option that is sure to steal smiles. Download for free by clicking on the button below the image.

1. The teletubbie cake toppers to print


2. Teletubbies Po Happy Birthday cake toppers:

3. Laa Laa Happy Birthday Teletubbie cake toppers:

4. Teletubbie Dipsy Happy Birthday:

5. Teletubbie Tinky Winky Happy Birthday cake toppers:

Steps to Assemble a Teletubbies Cake Topper:

  1. Download the Designs: Start by downloading all five Teletubbies Cake Toppers designs from our website. You can find a design with all four members together and then four individual designs for each of the characters.

  2. Print on Sturdy Paper: Use high-quality cardstock or photo paper to print the Cake Toppers designs. This will ensure that your ornaments are durable and have a professional appearance. Additionally, you can choose to use glitter paper to add an extra touch of shine and fun to your toppers.

  3. Cut Out Precisely: Carefully cut out the Cake Topper designs following the marked lines. It is important to trim accurately to obtain a clean and attractive result. Use sharp scissors or a utility knife to obtain precise, defined edges.

  4. Assemble on Skewer Sticks: Once cut out, glue the Cake Toppers designs onto skewer sticks or wooden sticks to create the structure that will be inserted into the cake or cupcakes. Use strong glue to ensure the Cake Toppers stay firm and secure throughout the celebration.

  5. Ready to Decorate: Once the glue has dried, your Teletubbies Cake Toppers will be ready to decorate your cake or cupcakes. Place them in the desired position and enjoy the fun and color they bring to your celebration. In addition, you can add other details, such as cotton clouds or candy rainbows, to complete the setting.

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