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Princess Peach from Mario Bros-To print!

Welcome to the magical world of Princess Peach. In this post, we’ll explore a charming collection of Princess Peach Kits inspired by the iconic princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. From cake toppers to stickers and bunting, immerse yourself in the sweet elegance of Peach and bring the magic of Mario Bros to your celebration.

Princess Peach Cake Topper:

Immerse yourself in royal elegance with our selection of Princess Peach cake toppers. Charming details, vibrant colors and the very essence of the princess will be present to make your cake stand out like never before.


Princess Peach Stickers to Print:

Add a touch of fun to your decorations with our adorable Princess Peach stickers. From little crowns to Peach portraits, these stickers will be the perfect choice for personalizing invitations, gifts, and more.

Princess Peach Cupcake toppers PNG images:

Download the magic with our Princess Peach PNG images! Use them to create invitations, decorate thank you cards or personalize any element of your celebration. The versatility of these images will make your event unique.

Princess Peach Bunting to Download PDF:

Create a festive atmosphere with our charming Princess Peach bunting. Download them in PDF format and give a royal touch to your celebration space. From Peach’s Castle to classic Mario elements, these bunting will be the perfect cherry on top for your party.

Princess Peach brings with her a world of charm and fun, and our printable collection Princess Peach Kits captures that magic perfectly. We hope that these elements will enhance your event and immerse you in the unique essence of Mario Bros. Celebrate in style and make your occasion a true kingdom of joy!

We appreciate your choice of our Princess Peach collection. At CakeTopper.click, we strive to make every celebration special. May your event be filled with joy, laughter, and the timeless magic of Princess Peach!