Kuromi Stickers

Explore the charming and somewhat mischievous universe of Kuromi through our exclusive collection of stickers. These stickers capture Kuromi’s unique essence and the playful combination of her and Hello Kitty. From flirty expressions to adorable moments, each sticker tells a charming story that you can carry with you.

Featuring 12 unique Kuromi designs and two delightful collaborations with Hello Kitty, this exclusive sticker series invites you to explore the duality of this mischievous and adorable character.

Round Kuromi Stickers

Dive into creative fun with our series of 12 stickers, two of which feature the iconic Hello Kitty. Printing these stickers is as easy as downloading them, and soon you’ll be able to personalize your belongings with the irreverence and sweetness of Kuromi and her feline friend. Each design features captivating details that will make each item special and unique. Printing these captivating stickers is as easy as downloading them. Each design has been carefully crafted to offer a unique experience.

To download click on the image, then right click and click Save As.

To download click on the image, then right click and click Save As.

Ideas Kuromi Cumpleaños

Stickers are the perfect way to add a touch of charm and fun to your everyday life. Whether adorning your laptop, your journal, or anything else, these stickers capture the unique energy of Kuromi and Hello Kitty. Download them, print them, and join Kuromi’s charming mischief at every step of your day. Let these stickers be the visual expression of your distinctive style and play with the magic of Kuromi! Turn your environment into a place full of fun and positive energy with this adorable collection of stickers! Thank you for visiting Follow us on our social networks: